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Learn Voiceover from the Pros

We are Industry professionals with decades of experience and success in the voiceover field. We make our living solely from the VO industry, so we know how to succeed. Learn from us!

Why not learn from people with current working experience who are up on the latest trends in the VO Industry?

We offer coaching, guidance, advice, and feedback, but what makes us truly unique is that we are working voice professionals who have found success in this challenging but rewarding career. And we solely make our living from being voiceover talent.

As Gurus, we act as a Mentor for a one-time session or a series of sessions depending on your goals. We have a unique perspective and a particular set of skills. Kinda like Liam Neeson…but for Voiceovers.

You’ll Learn

Breathing Techniques and Warmups
Copy Analysis and Interpretation
Character Development
Auditioning Techniques
Agent Relationship Management
How to Shine in a Live Session
Billing Basics and Getting Paid
Client Relationship Management
Professional Home Studio Setup
How to Handle a Difficult Session or Client
Marketing and Branding Your Voice

Meet The Gurus

We aren’t coaches who used to be Voice Actors.

We are working Voice Actors who also coach. Big Difference.

Ok, I'm in! How do I get started?!

You're making a good choice! Now it's time to meet your guru!

Still have some questions?

Why do I need a Guru?

Get access to actual working professionals who are succeeding every day and learn from them the tools to make money in this career. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from people who have already done it!

Where do I meet with my Guru?

Lessons Via Skype! In your underpants! Actually, don’t wear just your underpants cause we can see you.

Or, learn at our studios! Do you live on Long Island? Join us at our studios in Plainview for lessons or sign up for a VO class or Improv!

How much does it cost?

Unlike traditional voiceover classes & programs, where costs can be in the $1,000’s, you can receive private one-on-one sessions with successful working professionals at a fraction of the cost. During your sessions, you will receive highly personalized advice and education specific to your goals. And since it’s all about you, each lesson will be filled with valuable information that you can apply immediately. We offer a Beginners Voiceover Class spanning 4 weeks via Skype as well as an Intermediate Level 4 week class for those who have the basics under their belt. For those looking to just practice their skills and get feedback, individual lessons are also available.

We also have an “In Studio” Option: If you live in the New York area, Linda holds classes and private sessions in her studio on Long Island.  Learn all the basics of the Voiceover business and hone your skills in either a group or private setting. Classes are held at various times each month and are posted on the booking page. For information on the next workshop, Click the “Get Started” link above.

Fees are by the hour or workshop and sessions are tailored to your goals.

No long-term commitments required.

Recent Podcasts

Episode 24 – Linda Answers Students Common Questions

In the light of the holiday season, when everyone is super busy with life and work before the big slow down, Linda is flying solo to keep the VO info flowing during this podcast. She answers the most common questions that newcomers and existing students ask her, from voice training length to demos to the difficulty of knowing when its time to launch the VO career full time.

Episode 23 – Staying Motivated In A Tough Biz

Linda sits down with Brian Lee for this go-round as they discuss how to stay motivated in this competitive and sometimes lonely line of work. Find out what drives them every day to still get behind the mic after decades of experience, as they discuss probably one of the most important things behind every successful person. LindaBruno.com and BrianLee.com

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