The statement ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly does hold true when you carry out a comprehensive cost and benefit analysis. But we usually tend to ignore the negative effects our transactions may have in the longer run and go for grabbing discounted goods and services without considering the qualitative factors. 

When it comes to casting a voice, it is usually the last task any brand or company has to tend to before launching their project. By this time, calculations regarding the costs incurred have been made and the results may show unfavorable variances. This may tempt marketers and teams to opt for a cheap voice actor. However, going for an amateur brings with it its drawbacks despite you benefitting from lower voice-over rates. 

First off, cheaper voice overs may compel you to compromise on either the quality or the speed of the services being provided. You may sometimes have to compromise on both of them as amateur voice actors will not be adequately trained and you may be receiving services from an actor with little to no experience. This lack of experience, in most cases, will result in delays and extended deadlines only for you to receive work that is not up to your standards. The project management triangle features these three factors-price, speed, quality-and gives a general idea about the ideal situation; it can be acceptable to compromise on one of the three factors as long as the other two are working quite well for you. According to this, if you pick a cheap voice actor, you will need to compromise significantly on the quality or the speed-both of which will cost you in monetary and non-monetary terms. 

Secondly, you will be required to invest in hours and hours of your time and tons of effort, which may exhaust and drain you in addition to increasing your administrative costs. Digging through a large base of voice over auditions or demos can be quite a hassle and definitely disappointing as you may only find a couple of valuable gems in the pile. Your time and effort ‘contributions’ will also require you to guide and direct inexperienced voice actors during the recording process, endure the monotony of several re-takes or do-overs in case the resultant voice over doesn’t match up to what you want and even abandon the project with your amateur voice actor altogether and search for a professional one. 

Your time and effort are equal to money as you could be utilizing this energy and these extra hours more productively and effectively elsewhere, like working on important deadlines and targets. 

Thirdly and most importantly, those who offer cheap voice over rates lack the differentiators 9 out of 10 times. The ‘differentiators’ can be equated to the professional voice actors’ unique selling point(s) that make them stand out from the amateur lot. These attributes make the services you receive worth the higher price that you pay. 

  • Quality: Top-notch services provided as a result of years of experience working as a voice actor and the professional training received. 
  • Equipment: The equipment used has a great impact on the quality of the services delivered as well as the level of interaction between the client and the voice actor. Professionals will have high quality equipment, like phone-patch services, Source Connect, ISDN, etc which will bring in real-time feedback from clients and let them sit in during recording sessions as they like. 
  • Convenience: Professionals will pay extra attention to the wants and needs of the clients and will be able to handle clients in the appropriate manner. Smoother recording sessions, rapid turn-arounds and easy scheduling will all work together to save the clients’ time and money. 

Just remember, saving money when voice casting may seem to be a great option at first but it really isn’t. Sacrifices made, like quality, time, extra effort, special features, convenience, and specialization, will compromise the value of your end product. Going for cheaper voice-overs will actually lead you to a road of complications and unnecessary worries and nullify the satisfaction the discounted price may have provided initially.

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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