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Webinar Voiceover Workout - Auto Commercials

THURSDAY, October 25th - 2pm EST or 7pm est
Join JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno for a fun and educational

2-hour event, as they coach you in the craft of the lucrative Automotive Commercial Genre followed by a Live Q&A!

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Join the Voiceover Gurus, JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno for a fun and educational Voiceover Workout and get coached LIVE  for only $99! 2pm EST or 7 pm EST

This workout will focus on the lucrative world of Automotive Commercials and only a  limited number of students will be coached during this 2-hour session followed by a Q&A period to get all your questions answered. Two session times are available! 

Only 10 spots available FOR Live coaching!

Only 10 participants will we receive coaching live during this 2-hour event, so register now.

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Be a fly on the wall during this 2-hour coaching event and listen and learn for only $39. You’ll also be able to participate in the Live Q&A at the end of the coaching session. Audit this event for only $39!
Everyone will have access to the Replay in case you miss the actual event.

Your Coaching Gurus

JJ Wilson

JJ Wilson

A Speciality Voiceover Genre:

​​​​​JJ Wilson is the quintessential Auto Commercial Voiceover Guru having voiced Nationals for Ford Trucks and Chevy as well as multi-state car campaigns for Sara dealerships with more than 20 groups scattered throughout the country. His range includes all types of sells. Hard, Soft and Medium for BMW,  Audi, and Rolls Royce to name a few. Currently, he voices between 30 and 50 local and regional car spots per month.  That’s a lot of car spots!
Linda Bruno

Linda Bruno

A Genre Not Just For The Guys:

Linda Bruno has been the voice for several Regional and Local Auto Dealerships around the country ever since her beginnings in Voiceover, and has mastered the art of the hard sell with a feminine edge. Knowing the method of delivering a powerful read with a sense of personality is her strong suit. Linda also contributes character type reads for Auto dealerships looking to advertise out of the box.

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