Voice acting is a craft that, on the surface to a novice, may seem pretty straightforward. But what should you do when you’ve exhausted doing voices for your friends or mimicking everything you hear? Maybe you’ve started building a small studio and playing around with Audacity, and you’re ready to take the next step? Where do you find out the latest trends in the business? Or how to navigate landing an agent?

Enter “the VO Coach.”

As a coach, I am biased as to the apparent benefits. First off, you get another set of ears on your voice that has the experience, and hopefully, you’ll get guidance as to your next steps to succeed. But the benefits of coaching don’t just benefit the student. It also helps us, as performers. During our online workouts, we will sometimes have all the students read the same script. And because everyone’s interpretation is different, the reads will naturally also be different. It’s great to hear the uniqueness behind every performance. But sometimes, especially with a beginner talent, you’ll listen to freshness in the delivery because they have no habits to break yet. Or a past with poor guidance. And that’s exciting.

It’s great for the students to hear another interpretation, and it’s refreshing for the coaches to experience another approach to the script. Plus, in the group classes, a camaraderie develops where each of us is supporting the other. When a student “gets it” and delivers the winning read, everyone shows their approval with a round of applause and smiles.

During the private hourly lessons, we learn about each other and our histories, families, and lives outside of Voiceover. And we as coaches start to have a vested interest in your success. Nothing excites us more than receiving an email from a student announcing their first booking or first review as a talent. As one of our students proudly wrote: “I’m officially a “paid and well-reviewed” VO talent!”

So, indeed coaching has its benefits for both the student and the coach. And that’s what it’s all about for the Gurus. We still perform as producers and voice talent, but we love helping others reach their goals, which is our foundational purpose.

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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