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Episode 19 – Finding The Funny with Characters

More fun at the actual studio with Robert Altmann in the house! Another longtime friend of Linda’s, Rob is a master of funny voices and Improv and together, they discuss his inspirations and how he develops the zany characters he uses in his work as a VO Talent, MC and Corporate Trainer. Check out his site, Third Wave Events

Episode 18 – Let’s Talk About Studios with Dave

Every voice talent needs a home studio, but if you’re just starting out, the setup can seem intimidating. Resident Voiceover Guru, Dave Goldberg chats with Linda about setting up a simple studio and exactly what you should buy to not break the bank. Join us and lets talk studios!

Episode 16 – How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Talent

On this go round, Linda and Brian discuss how to set yourself apart from the competition. Brian specifically shares his tips on what has helped him become so successful over the years, from networking to online research, with a few shared stories thrown in for good measure.

Episode 15 – What Do Producers Want?

In this episode of the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, Linda and Mike Hand talk about what a producer really wants from a voice talent, from the producers perspective. And that would be Mike. This one is chocked full of good information and a few laughs, as always. Please leave a review for us if you can, we’d love to know if you’re listening and enjoying the podcast! Reach out with questions at

Episode 14 – VO Actress and Coach Tina Zaremba

In this episode, Linda talks with her friend voiceover actress Tina Zaremba. They met on an NYC audition many years ago, back in the day of face to face casting directors and long periods of no auditions. On this episode, they talk about the industry and how it’s changed, for the better or maybe the not so better. Tina also coaches students via Skype and Zoom! Check out her website.

Episode 13 – Exec Comedy Producer Mike Hand

Longtime client and friend Mike Hand chats with Linda on this episode about character voices from the comedy writers’ perspective. As the Executive Producer for Universal Comedy Network, he’s written and performed on thousands of comedy bits for radio stations all across the country.

Episode 12 – All About IVR with Barb Lyon

Not many people think about the world of IVR or on hold as a lucrative avenue in voiceovers. Linda chats with her friend Barb Lyon, producer and Voice Talent, who has lived and breathed IVR for over 20 years. 

Episode 10 – Improv Gal Rebecca Haugh

In this episode, Linda chats with Rebecca Haugh, founder of, where voice actors gather online and practice their improv chops on a weekly basis. Such a necessity in this business! Plus she’s a rocking gal. 

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