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Episode 29 – Linda Flies Solo Talking Stress

It’s been a while but Linda finally steps up to the mic to discuss why she’s flying solo, as well as how to deal with life’s inevitable stressors. She also relates her experiences with Life Work Balance and how to keep up longevity.

Episode 28 – Marketing and Branding Talk with Corey Dissin

Linda chats with Marketing and Branding man, Corey Dissin, who also has decades of experience as the Vice President for a large production company. Corey shares his thoughts on what Voice Talent should be focusing on to grow their business! Great content!

Episode 27 – JJ Wilson is Back and Ready to Rock

In this episode, JJ Wilson returns from a very eventful holiday season. He and Linda discuss his experience dealing with a massive heart attack and how he handled coming back to his voiceover career. So happy he’s back!

Episode 26 – The Benefits Of Improv For VO Actors

Mike Hand turns the tables on Linda this week and interviews her about the benefits of practicing Improv. She discusses why it’s so valuable for Voice Actors to enhance their chops behind the mic. As well as few other comments on the doodads of the VO life.

Episode 25 – The Production Studio Process

Do you know what happens before a script gets to the Voiceover talent? On this episode, Linda sits with her friend Dave Goldberg, studio owner and voice talent himself to discuss the behind the scenes process that many VT never know about, since they are usually the last one in the production chain. They also touch upon casting preferences and annoyances in the booth.

Episode 24 – Linda Answers Students Common Questions

In the light of the holiday season, when everyone is super busy with life and work before the big slow down, Linda is flying solo to keep the VO info flowing during this podcast. She answers the most common questions that newcomers and existing students ask her, from voice training length to demos to the difficulty of knowing when its time to launch the VO career full time.

Episode 23 – Staying Motivated In A Tough Biz

Linda sits down with Brian Lee for this go-round as they discuss how to stay motivated in this competitive and sometimes lonely line of work. Find out what drives them every day to still get behind the mic after decades of experience, as they discuss probably one of the most important things behind every successful person. and

Episode 22 – Let’s Talk Animation with Lisa Biggs

In this episode, Linda chats with successful animation and voiceover actress, Lisa Biggs about her career, how she started out and what she does on a day to day basis to keep up the bookings. She also discusses the realities of the Animation Voiceover Industry. Check out her website at

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