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Join JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno for a fun and educational

2-hour workout, as they coach you in the craft of voiceovers.

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Join the Voiceover Gurus, JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno for a fun and educational Voiceover Workout and get coached LIVE  for only $50! 7 pm – 9 pm EST 

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Your Coaching Gurus

JJ Wilson

JJ Wilson

 A second generation VO Actor whose  credits include:

National spots for  WAGNER POWER TOOLS, RCCL, FORD, HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER, BOSLEY, COVER GIRL, Car Commercials up the Wazoo!  Promos and booth voice for NBC, A&E, WSVN 7, Longform Narrator for many shows on THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, In Truck Radio show host for RYDER TRUCKS, and many many others. 

Linda Bruno

Linda Bruno

An Industry pro whose credits include:

McDonald’s, AT&T, Stride Gum, Network voice for HSN, Network voice for Disney Jr Asia, Fandango, Pfizer, Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond and many others. I’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world as well as the smaller local businesses who also help sustain a career. 

Student quotes:

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