JJ Wilson

So, countless people have told you “You have a really great or unique voice, have you ever thought about doing Voice Overs?”  I’ll bet you’ve thought about it…. a lot! You’ve spent some time thinking, how could I get into that field? Does it pay well? Can I do it part time? Do I need a home studio? What should I wear? Is it difficult to break in?  Gosh, how much will it cost to get started? Do I need an agent?  How the heck do I get an agent? Do I need a website? What about Facebook? Are there any honest folks who can really tell me if I have what it takes? Where in the world do I start?  Ok, Breathe…

Right here! My name is JJ Wilson….(jjwilsonvo.com) See? Your first lesson in promotion has just been set before you.  Promote! Promote! Promote!

I have been a FULL-TIME freelance Voice Actor for 30 years! 

I am actually a second generation VO Actor.  My father, BIG WILSON, was The Voice of Van Kamps Pork and Beans, Yago Sangria, Campbell’s soup, and countless others in the 60’s.  I co-founded the Read it and Reap School of Voice Overs in Florida back in the 90’s.  Some of my former students are making a great living today in VO.

Some of my Credits include: National spots for  WAGNER POWER TOOLS, RCCL, FORD, HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER, BOSLEY, COVER GIRL, Car Commercials up the Wazoo!  Promos and booth voice for NBC, A&E, WSVN 7, Longform Narrator for many shows on THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, In Truck Radio show host for RYDER TRUCKS, and many many others. 

I can help you get into the field of VO.  I will be brutally honest though, so be prepared.  Don’t want you to waste time and money!!  And yes it pays well.  I know folks making on a part time basis $10,000 and some of my fulltime friends and the bigwigs in NY and LA….  MILLIONS. 

So, are you completely confused??  Don’t be!  Be excited at the opportunity that has fallen in your lap!  Let’s talk, let’s have fun! And maybe someday soon, you can say, “Yes,  I am a Voice Actor.”  In a funny voice of course!

From Studio set up to booking your first job and everything in between, I know how it’s done.

Let’s Talk! About talking!


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