Showcasing yourself is essential for professional success and it’s something that can be challenging. I’ve always been one who preferred to be judged based on my talents alone, but in the long run, that’s not enough. It’s also important to realize that your strategy for self-promotion shouldn’t be overdone or clash with you appearing obnoxious. Sometimes, voiceover actors might find it difficult to promote themselves without looking like braggarts. However, mastering the art of self-praise without letting it backfire is an essential skill. Voiceover actors should, therefore, adopt these skills for them to climb the ladder of success and make valuable connections. 

Here are a few proven tips on how voiceover actors can carry out self-promotion without bragging, be it in person or online. 

1) Focus more on your content than yourself.

There is nothing wrong with showcasing yourself in your posts but make sure it blends well with your content. People despise self-centered actors. Therefore, sprinkling chunks of your work would successfully veneer all the boasts you made about yourself. When talking about your experience as a voiceover actor, ensure you optimize the purpose you offer to your followers regarding the tips and lessons you’ve learned from your experience as a voiceover actor. By adopting this strategy, you automatically become an inspiration to the audience, and they start to adore you for your work and promote you themselves. Remember that your intentions matter. When speaking about yourself, don’t spark any feeling of jealousy or envy. Modesty is, therefore, the key.

2) Avoid posting too much.

Always remember, less is more. Posting a lot might decrease your value as a voiceover actor. Your followers may get annoyed. Some might end up unfollowing you. At the same time, however, we’re not telling you to hibernate either. A decent frequency of posting is vital so that people are aware that you’re still active and working but not detest you for it. Being in the safe zone, therefore, implies that you post twice a day on Facebook, 1-2 a day on Instagram, and a handful of times a day on Twitter. 

3) Organize your followers.

When showing off your voiceover success, make sure you organize your audience. Study your followers and decide which ones are easier to convince and which ones are a bit picky. Therefore, manage your settings according to the people you think are more appreciative about you. By doing this, your promotion will be successful. These people will perceive you as their hero and love you even more.

4) Avoid being ostensibly modest. 

We did tell you to be modest, but please don’t overdo it.  Humblebragging is the epitome of annoyance for many followers. It appears fake and artificial. Be yourself and be original.

5) Modify your stories a bit.

Sharing your achievements with your followers is essential for promotion. But how you convey them to your audience matters too. Therefore, rather than speaking in first-person, announce your successes through someone else’s words. For instance, rather than saying, “I got nominated for so-and-so awards!”  you can say, ” My coach is proud of me for being nominated for the so-and-so awards!” See? It’s how you say it! If you adopt this technique, the audience will love you because they’ll identify your achievements but not think of you as a show-off.

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