Creating a great voiceover demo is one of the most critical things to think about when you’re starting in the voiceover business and a necessity to get clients and agents. Your first voiceover demo is your calling card and your chance to showcase your talents at that time in your career. And a great voiceover demo could get you clients, without having to go through the auditioning process.

So when you begin your Voiceover training, the goal of demo creation should be at the top of mind from the beginning. Without a great voiceover demo, you’re dead in the water.

How do you create this great voiceover demo?

1.  Do your research on training

Proper training from an experienced voiceover coach will prep you for your first demo. Without sufficient training, you won’t be prepared to record the quality tracks needed for your demo. Even if you are currently working in another creative field, know that a voiceover demo is a very different type of showcase of your talents. So get advice from a qualified voiceover coach on how to get that demo together.

2.  Make the demo when you are genuinely ready and when your talent is at a competitive level.

Are you just looking to make a demo so you can start auditioning and get on the P2P sites? It’s tempting to want to “jump in” with both feet into the auditioning pool, but believe me when I say; the pool will still be there when you’re ready to dive in. And starting too early could end in a lot of frustration and disappointment when jobs aren’t getting booked. Or your auditioning reviews are less than favorable. This business is tough enough as it is, so don’t make it tougher by starting with subpar tools.

3.  Research demo producers

Ideally, a demo producer should do just that and specialize in Voiceover demo creation. An audio demo is a specialty, consisting of professional editing, a specialized mixing of music and background effects, as well as the order of your vocal tracks with a seamless flow. A great voiceover demo producer will help your voice shine and showcase your talents fully. But beware of producers wanting to put a lot of effects on your voice. Your voice should be paramount as the focus and nothing else.

4.  Come armed with a range of Voiceover tracks showcasing your talents.

Hopefully, you’ve aligned yourself with a voiceover coach, you can trust, who has helped you realize your strengths and weaknesses. My goal with my students is to cultivate at least 6 to 8 spots of a wide range before we head into the actual Voiceover Demo creation session. I like to take my time so the student can fully realize their potential, and then be able to recreate that range in an actual session without my direction. This process usually takes several months, never a few weeks. There is no quick road to making a great Voiceover demo.

5. Know that your first Voiceover demo is just the beginning of the many you will create as your career grows.

As you begin to book jobs, you can use those examples in your next demo, or update your current one with a few fresh samples. Voiceover actors usually remember their first great voiceover demo with nostalgia and hopefully, some pride. It’s the first real accomplishment that says, “Hey, I’m a Voice Actor.” A milestone and achievement for all the hard work you’ve done. So don’t take any shortcuts. It’s your voice, and the impression you will make with future clientele.

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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