Everyone is born with a talent. For some, this is a mesmerizing voice. Putting this talent in practical use can be very tiring and hectic, especially with overuse. So it’s important to place importance on your potential money maker.

So, how do you maintain your voice throughout changing weathers, sickness, and stress? These tips will help you do just that!

Evaluate your larynx

The larynx is the voice box where everything you utter is actually generated from. If your larynx is in good shape, your voice will sound flawless. However, in order to get your larynx in good shape, you need to educate yourself. Every human has a different response to things. When I was having some vocal tightness issues combined with sinus problems, I had my vocal cords scoped which included swallowing tests to search out any issues. Seek out a good Ear Nose Throat doctor as a first step and find out what works best for your larynx, how it is shaped, what doesn’t suit you, etc.

Avoid things that affect your voice

It is a given that if you’re a voiceover actor, singer or do anything that depends on your voice, you must avoid foods and habits that worsen your vocal cords. Some general things that must be avoided include smoking, caffeine, and excessive throat clearing. Cigarette smoking makes your voice raspier and can cause serious damage. Similarly, smoke coming from vehicles, exhausts, etc. is also harmful. Caffeine and alcohol can dry out the larynx. Continuous clearing of the throat causes friction in the vocal cords and can damage the muscles.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is crucial. Dry throat produces thick and viscous mucus. Water will thin it down and keep it from getting stuck to the vocal cords. In case you experience congestion often, water should be your best friend. Decongestion medication can dry out the mouth and throat. To counter this effect, keep drinking plenty of water.


Exercise is mandatory. You don’t simply need to exercise your larynx, you must also stay healthy otherwise. Workouts like cardio keep the throat in a good condition. You may wonder why? The thing is, physical exercise keeps your breathing regulated. It also encourages blood flow which in turn provides nutrients to the throat muscles and keeps them healthy. Moreover, indulge in vocal meditation to relax the larynx. Meditation rids the body of anxiousness and helps the mind to focus. These factors can immensely improve your vocal output.

Relax your hyoid bone

The hyoid bone is a U-shaped bone that connects the chin to the larynx. You can use your thumb and finger to rub it. Move it side to side to adjust it. This will help relax the bone.

Breath strategically

You can breathe through your nose or through the mouth but, it is preferred that you breathe using your nose if you can. It filters out dust and allergens, warms up the air, and adds the required humidity before the air reaches the throat and lungs. Breathing directly through the mouth can dry out your throat and vocal cords, especially during the winters. Moreover, make sure you’re breathing enough. Take in enough air before you start speaking. Also, take pauses to breathe in between your vocal session.

These tips can improve your voice quality and make your career much more successful. Now you can focus on performance and your business!

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