David Michael Hughes

With a career spanning over 30 years, half as a pioneer of remote session recording, David started playing bass in nightclubs and working for a live sound and lighting company while still in High School. In 1990 at 19, he was hired as Audio Engineer for an ad agency, and began composing background music for commercials. After studio hours, David would also engineer 8 & 24-track sessions for local bands, radio shows, and voice over classes.

At 21, he was named Producer for a nationally syndicated ad agency, where he directed three voice actors at a time; recording 20+ commercials per day, live to 2-track analog audio tape.

In 1996, David launched Digital Vibrations (digivibes.com), adding services such as digital audio post production for television and film, and ISDN sessions. He continued engineering for directors, producers and various agencies, while also composing for film and international corporate projects. It was during this time that he found himself increasingly on both sides of the microphone…and both sides of castings. After producing numerous demos for others, he voiced his own. By the millennium his voice was being heard on national commercials.

Since 2005 David has engineered the systems at Digivibes from wherever, having lived in 4 states and spending 2 years abroad in Europe. While solving myriad acoustic, connectivity and other issues in each of those settings, as well as countless hotel room sessions — Digivibes evolved into a cohesive team of remote workers in faraway locations. In 2019, Digivibes spun off its casting agency functions into hugeyou.net broadening their stable of talent.

David is ready to share his experience, and can offer guidance on setting up or upgrading home, office, and remote recording systems. He can help you design your perfect kit for travel, while balancing equations involving quality, complexity, and cost. He can also provide instruction with Logic and other recording software. Whether you have questions about which microphones, hardware, and plugins to use for top-tier sound, or how to navigate the voice business while traveling, David is happy to help.

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