Dave Goldberg

Dave began his entrepreneurial career at the age of fourteen, spinning records at friends’ parties. His first DJ job paid $35 and, not long thereafter, a company called Satellite Entertainment was born. By the beginning of his college career, the company was a thriving event planning business and he sold the company’s assets and bookings to two aspiring entertainment companies.

As a Communications major at Hofstra University in 1987, Dave began working full-time as a Product Specialist for KORG USA, a manufacturer of professional-level electronic musical equipment. In addition to his primary responsibilities at the company, he assisted in the production of numerous audio, video, and mixed-media presentations for the company’s various marketing programs. In 1991, he helped establish the company’s Professional Audio Division which catered to audio and video post production facilities, TV and radio stations, and recording studios.

Seeking a new challenge, he left KORG USA in 1993 to create Digital Waterworx Corporate Communication Production. Today, the company has an international client base that exceeds 4,000.

Dave can help you set up that first professional sounding studio, including guidance on sound proofing, microphones, Digital Audio Workstations as well as lessons in Pro Tools or other Editing Software. Or Dave can help take your existing studio to the next level.  Get a professional set of ears on your audio BEFORE you send it out to the world!

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