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Episode 25 – The Production Studio Process

Do you know what happens before a script gets to the Voiceover talent? On this episode, Linda sits with her friend Dave Goldberg, studio owner and voice talent himself to discuss the behind the scenes process that many VT never know about, since they are usually the...

Episode 23 – Staying Motivated In A Tough Biz

Linda sits down with Brian Lee for this go-round as they discuss how to stay motivated in this competitive and sometimes lonely line of work. Find out what drives them every day to still get behind the mic after decades of experience, as they discuss probably one of...

Episode 20 – The Secret To Long Term Success

JJ Wilson is back after a long hiatus from the Podcast. He and Linda catch up, enjoy a few laughs and chat about their shared secret to long-term¬†success, in this tough business. You’ll also hear a sample of a typical day of work for both actors. JJ Wilson...

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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