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Episode 53 -Client Issues and VO Conferences

In this episode of The Voiceover Gurus podcast, LL and JJ discuss an issue that sometimes occurs with clients, as well as their thoughts on the many VO conferences around the country.   FOR MORE INFO ON THE VOICEOVER GURUS, PLEASE VISIT:   Home   FOLLOW US:  ...

Episode 52 – Dealing with Performance Anxiety

In another titillating episode of the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, JJ and Linda answer a listeners’ question about dealing with performance anxiety and how to handle it. The Gurus discuss their experiences from the Voiceover trenches.   FOR MORE INFO ON THE...

Episode 51 – What to Expect When You Book A Job

Another fantastic listener and budding VO Actor submitted a great question to the Gurus. What is the process after you’ve booked a job? JJ and Linda discuss the typical scenarios that you may encounter during a voiceover paid session. Learn more about us at...

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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