Episode 19 – Finding The Funny with Characters

More fun at the actual studio with Robert Altmann in the house! Another longtime friend of Linda’s, Rob is a master of funny voices and Improv and together, they discuss his inspirations and how he develops the zany characters he uses in his work as a VO Talent,...

Episode 18 – Let’s Talk About Studios with Dave

 Every voice talent needs a home studio, but if you’re just starting out, the setup can seem intimidating. Resident Voiceover Guru, Dave Goldberg chats with Linda about setting up a simple studio and exactly what you should buy to not break the bank. Join us...

Episode 17 – Avoiding Bad Voiceover Coaching

With so many people wanting to get into the VO business, inevitably some less than honest companies and schools start to pop up to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Longtime VO Coach and Voiceover expert, Gabby Nistico, joins Linda on this podcast to discuss their...
When Should You Make A Demo?

When Should You Make A Demo?

I get the question a lot, “When will I be ready to make a demo?” and the answer, I’m afraid isn’t that easy. There is no set in stone method for learning voiceovers or some timeline where you will automatically be ready after so many lessons. It all really depends on...
Three Things You Should Look For In A Voiceover Coach

Three Things You Should Look For In A Voiceover Coach

I’m sickened…Like ready to throw up at this point from reviewing another “Voiceover Coaching” website. One that claims to be legit and not like the others making false promises, but alas, their website is filled with fancy words to describe their studio or how they...

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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