Episode 91 – Marketing Ideas with Rob Carbone

Don’t you just love Marketing? Yeah, we hate it too. Thankfully, on this episode of The Voiceover Gurus Podcast, JJ and Linda welcome Ex Marketing guy Rob Carbone to the show. Rob, who is also a Voice Talent, gives some tips and ideas on how to market yourself...

Ep 90 – A Students Journey to Full Time VO

An actual Voiceover Gurus student discusses their voiceover journey on this episode of The Voiceover Gurus Podcast. On this episode we welcome Troy Holden as he shares his experience from the very start to working as a full time VO actor today. He shares his mistakes...

Ep 88 – Student Question Time

JJ and Linda gripe a bit about impatience when working on your VO goals and answer a student’s question about pursuing a slow genre. It’s another episode filled with lots of advice, a few laughs, and the relatability you’ve learned and love about The...

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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