Alyssa Jayson

I was born to boogie….it actually said so in a picture hung above my baby crib. And that short saying has remained my guide in following my creative path to this day. 

I began in this industry at age 4, as the quintessential “performing kid.” I would tell anyone who asked that I was going to be a “ famous tap dancer!”  And I was very goal-oriented too. By age 7, I had already tap-danced at Radio City Music Hall for a taping of the game show, Hollywood Squares. The performing arts WERE my childhood; from dancing to acting to singing, to playing the trumpet…. If there is a way to express emotion through sound, language or movement; I’m into it! 

And that interest has now expanded into teaching others. We are so emotive in our everyday lives and it is often difficult to translate that in-front of the camera, on-stage or behind the microphone. My approach to acting has always been to find the connections between script and self, to make a moment more human and believable. 

As an actor, my resumé includes roles on ABCTV’s All My Children, various independent films, off-broadway & regional theatre performances. Additionally, a voiceover student of Linda Bruno, I’ve been a voice actor for radio spots, animated characters, on-hold messaging and narrative film. Most recently, I wrote, recorded and released my 2nd studio album, “Please Be True” which charted around the country on many public and independent radio stations. 

And what I’ve learned by working in so many different performance mediums – is that they all share the same challenge; making a moment feel, sound or look believable. 

Beginning with imagination and improvisation exercises that help you to break down that wall we all tend to hide behind. I’ll guide you to be more present, truthful, and ultimately more believable onstage, onscreen or behind the mic. Then through text, commercial copy, and scenes: we will explore discovering the character, making it personal, finding objectives, and creating emotional connections. 

Whether already pursuing a professional career, looking to explore a new interest or simply build confidence – I will help you find your inner actor to create more connected, truthful, and dynamic performances from behind the mic. 

Here are a few videos of my work

Alyssa Jayson Music Video

Driven – The Documentary
Written by: Alyssa Jayson
Narrated by: Alyssa Jayson

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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