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Five Common Myths About The Voiceover Business

Five Common Myths About The Voiceover Business

There is an air of mystery and glamour about this business. As soon as you tell someone you do voiceovers, their eyes light up in amazement, and the conversation moves to,   “How did you get started in that?” “Where can I hear your voice?” “Wow, that must be so...

Episode 19 – Finding The Funny with Characters

More fun at the actual studio with Robert Altmann in the house! Another longtime friend of Linda’s, Rob is a master of funny voices and Improv and together, they discuss his inspirations and how he develops the zany characters he uses in his work as a VO Talent,...

Episode 18 – Let’s Talk About Studios with Dave

 Every voice talent needs a home studio, but if you’re just starting out, the setup can seem intimidating. Resident Voiceover Guru, Dave Goldberg chats with Linda about setting up a simple studio and exactly what you should buy to not break the bank. Join us...
How to Create a Home Studio on the Cheap

How to Create a Home Studio on the Cheap

A lot of students who come to me for training, initially don’t realize that being able to record your own audio at home is one of the most critical factors of being a Voice Actor. Unless you live in NY or LA, remote recording is pretty much the only way to get jobs....

Tips for becoming a Voiceover Actor

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